What QuickSprout is all about

If you’re a veteran of Internet Marketing it would be a shock for me to find out that you’ve never heard of Neil Patel. Neil is a very successful entrepreneur. He started two very large online companies, Crazy Egg and Kiss Metrics.

But what really matters to us is that he also built his business blogging on Quicksprout.com. Neil has been sharing the best info about all types of marketing, and has been recognized to be one of the top 100 most influential marketers in the USA.

But enough of the fancy stuff. Neil knows his stuff really well, but he is in fact a very funny guy. My only problem with Neil is that I’m already in an information overload, and I unfortunately have to stop reading most of his blog posts, because it takes me too long to understand them. But I definitely never miss a headline, and I’ll tell you why.

I’m being very honest right now, the past 6 months I’ve really started to take action, and bumped into a couple of problems. It’s like Neil has been reading my mind all along, sending me on the spot emails with the solution to my problems right when I needed them. He is the only marketer that really knows his clients and audience. I feel like most of the e-mails he sends are specifically for me.

He really shares everything he knows. From Facebook marketing and PPC, to how to start your own blog, basically what you really have to do is just observe what Neil is doing and simply merge it with your own personality, thoughts, ideas, and niches.

His guides are so big, that this blog post of mine would sound like just a simple sentence on one of his posts.

Neil is definitely one of my idols in the marketing world, and when I will make a top list of people who you should follow to succeed in the marketing world, he will definitely make it to the top spots.