NSP3.0 Market/Niche Research

I just got home, it was a very long day. Unfortunately, I have 3 exams tomorrow morning and it’s 23:45 now … so I can’t type too much. I will also make a video the following days and hopefully record a little bit more ideas.

Basically I followed all the steps that Spencer, Perrin and Jake gave us all on the Niche Pursuits, but I also took advice from the great videos Will set up on One Man’s Brand.

Tools I used

Let’s make things clear. Fast.

I used Long Tail Pro ( no platinum ).

I got the 30 day trial from Moz Pro for they keyword difficulty, as I have no LTP. Moz showed a little higher difficulty score than LTP for the keywords Spencer showed on his videos, so I assumed it will always show higher stats.

I was wrong !

Be careful and make sure you look every time on the list of websites ranking. For a keyword, Moz shoed a difficulty of 15% which is incredibly low, but all sites ranking were 90 DA sites, with N/A Page Authority. Usually, you won’t be able to beat these sites. Moz seems to think you can, although most of them had the keyword in the title, and were sites like Amazon and all other ecommerce giants. So be careful. Don’t just go for a software number, make your research.

At Will’s recommendation I bought access to 30 days of Ahrefs premium account from Fiverr. It’s a good experience, this guy sends you an entire web browser archived and with password and account saved on it, you can’t see it but you can log in. My only concern is that he can see the search history. I wanted to link to the GiG but it’s not there anymore, probably one user at a time, currently me ­čÖé

I got about 20 days left so I must gather as much data as possible to save money for when I need it next time.

Other than that I used Google Keyword Planner to get an estimate of the total amount of searches all keywords have, and just make sure that it’s the same as LTP or Moz ( Moz got it wrong many times ).

Basically… I think you can do the research on your own with only Long Tail Pro,┬áwhich saves a lot of time, or completely free with Google Keyword Planner and Learn2Rank Keyword Inspector. This tool is outdated, but it will show you the top 10 results and a few stats. You can just simply use the MOZ toolbar in Chrome and search for the keyword, revealing the DA for all top 10 results. Then just look for this :

  • Low DA blogs
  • Keyword not in Title/Description/First paragraphs
  • Number or results

Then, search for the keyword between brackets, like this “keyword or keywords” and see the number of results ( that are targeting the entire keywords, specifically ) and compare to see if any of them are ranking also for the keyword without brackets.

This way you will find mostly what those other tools are doing, except of course the backlinks, which you can use SEO Profiler for free to check out one project at a time, or Ahrefs which is great.

I will also probably use SEO Profiler later on, but I don’t think I need it right away, as I have all these other tools.

Brainstorming for niches

I had some keywords saved from last year but most of them were not so good, since back then I focused on finding a good keyword on which I could build an entire website on, rather than looking for a larger market with lots of low searches keywords that I could rank for.

I was pretty intuitive usually at what markets would look good on the web, thinking not only about low competition, but also about a market/niche on which I could create great content outside of the product reviews.

Sometimes I would end up finding a keyword that was nice and with lots of low DA sites ranking, but the other related keywords had very high competition, making it a bad choice.

I went to many niches, but ultimately liked two of them more than the others.

Choosing the right one

At first both niches looked pretty narrow, but then I observed that one of them ( it was pretty obvious but I was brainstuck ) can get very, very wide. It was also very technical, so writing would not be easy. What I liked most about it is that in one of its subniches, there was a .edu website linking to some ecommerce sites that were 404. Great link potential ! Unfortunately, all the low DA sites ranking in this subniche were very old domains, with over 15-20 years of activity. Prices for the products here are really high, so commissions would also be high. VERY high.

The other niche had lots of other affiliate sites, and although they looked way more experienced than me, the top one had its last post in mid 2015, so it was kind of inactive for half year. This niche also goes very well with the general public, and lots of nice content can be created for it, so basically it could include the audience for the other niche as well. Products here are on the lower end, but some of them could also go for a very big price.

I eventually realised that I can also expand the second niche into a broader market, so I decided to go with that one. Content will also be fun to create here, rather than hard and technical.┬áI feel like I don’t have the experience to get the first niche going very well, so I will leave it for the future, it’s still a very profitable one with much potential.

Thanks for reading guys !


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